Providing Medically Necessary Surgery with a Cosmetic Result
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Foot Surgery

Dr. Ragland's highly specialized practice concentrates predominatly on surgical correction of painful embarrassing foot deformities. Her concerns with functional outcome are consistent with aesthetic result. This unique awareness is what appeals to her patients and is why most of her patients are word of mouth referrals.
Dr. Yolanda Ragland knows what it’s like when a doctor dismisses, ignores or just doesn’t understand a patient’s problems. She decided that as a Podiatric Reconstructive Surgeon, she would focus on listening intently to patients and creating out-of-the-box solutions to address their concerns. 
The tagline for her practice says it all: “Providing Medically Necessary Surgery With A Cosmetic Result.”
Many of Dr. Ragland’s patients come to her with painful and embarrassing foot deformities they’ve lived with for years. Some patients have had previous surgeries but were left with unsightly scars. “I feel passionate to address both function and appearance because the typical foot surgeon largely discounts these issues”, she says.
One of her patients had been married for more than five years, yet never felt comfortable enough to show her feet to her husband. After Dr. Ragland revealed the patient’s feet post-surgery, the woman cried with relief. “She said, ‘Now I can show my husband my feet. I can go to bed without socks on,’”
Dr. Ragland recalled. “My surgical approach truly can change people’s lives.”
And unlike many podiatrists, Dr. Ragland – a fan of Sex in the City-style heels – knows that most women don’t want to be confined to orthopedic shoes or unstylish flats. “I take those concerns into account,” she says.
Dr. Ragland, a graduate of the University of Maryland and the New York College of Podiatry Medicine, has locations in Silver Spring and New York City, where she resides. Her patients travel to New York during the weekday, or to Washington, DC where she sees patients two Saturdays each month, performing surgeries on the following Mondays. To see Dr. Ragland’s before and after results, click here